Free, GIS-ready historic maps from New York Public Library


Here's another treasure trove of data that's ready and waiting to be added to your ArcMap session. Over the last several years the New York Public Library has scanned more than 10,000 public domain historic maps and atlases of New York City and made digital copies of those maps available via its website. Recently NYPL took this project to the next level by creating a web … [Read more...]

GIS posters at Sigma Xi summer research symposium


Come to the Sigma Xi summer research symposium on Wednesday, July 27th from 2-4pm at the Langone Center's Terrace room to check out posters by student researchers.  There will be a variety of posters that feature GIS as a research methodology and/or visualization tool - including posters about the Flying Bison drone, community asset mapping, georeferencing historic maps, … [Read more...]