Over the last several years there has been growing interest amongst faculty across the University in using geospatial technologies in their teaching and research.  But until recently it was up to a small group of dedicated GIS ‘power users’ in the Geography and Geology Departments to help grow and support this budding movement.  In the spring of 2009, Bucknell’s Library & IT division created the position of GIS Specialist with the goal of providing full-time support for geospatial technologies at Bucknell.

The GIS Specialists’ role is to develop, expand, and support the GIS user community at Bucknell by conducting outreach and promoting the use of GIS across a broad spectrum of teaching, learning and research interests.  In addition to supporting faculty and students in integrating GIS into their coursework and research, the GIS Specialist works with faculty and other campus leaders to infuse spatial thinking into the curriculum and promote the importance of spatial literacy in academia and beyond.


Janine Glathar is the GIS Specialist in Bucknell’s Library & IT Division and is the primary contact for all issues related to GIS and geospatial technologies.


Room 314, ITEC Suite, Bertrand Library

(570) 577-1990